Luxurious Summer Afternoon Tea at starred hotel


A lot of colorful afternoon teas are appearing in the summer. How about spending an elegant time at a luxury hotel?

THE LOUNGE/Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo Otemachi

【マンゴーアフタヌーンティー(MANGO Afternoon tea)】

■From 2022 July 1 to August 31

■Menu example:

[Savory] ・ Edo miso foagra confi and mango chutney brioche and ginger jelly ・ Tamaki mousse tartlet eel sardines and edible bean cream sansho soy sauce powder ・ lobster marinade and gas pacho ricotta cheese, cucumber and herb salad ・ Tandoori chicken sandwich carrot mousse and mango mayonnaise

[Sweets] ・ Mango and coconut blanc mange ・ Lemon madeleine and mango cream ・ Coconut and pineapple pound cake ・ Yuzu passion opera cake ・ Mango passion lime mousse cake ・ Mango banana tartlet ・ Bergamot flavored chocolate

[Scone]  ・Mango ・Pineapple

■Price:8,800 yen(per person including tax & service charge)

The lobby lounge / Shangri-La Tokyo

【アーリーサマー アフタヌーンティー(Early Summer Afternoon Tea】

■From 2022 May 1 to June 30

■Menu Example:

[Savory] ・ Thick roasted egg Edamame Wasabi Mayonnaise Paprika bread sandwich ・ Anago and Ooba matcha soba roll sushi ・ Early summer vegetable green kish white shrimp blue seaweed tuil ・ Sora bean puree and matcha scent roast beef and roasted bud

[Sweets] ・ Melon shortcake ・ Matcha opera ・ Mango matcha tart ・ Lemon croffin ・ Hydrangea parfait

[Homemade freshly baked scones] ・ Classic ・ Matcha ・ Hojicha

[Drinks] As much as you like with a wide variety of teas. Tea is available in the pot.・ Shangri-La Tokyo Original Himalayan Blend Organic tea of ​​Shangri-La Tokyo original blend using the noble and prestigious Darjeeling and tea leaves from Nepal. A deep taste with a mild astringency and a flower-like scent.・ Organic English Breakfast ・ Organic Darjeeling (Sea Yock Farm) ・ Assam Gold (Mangalam Farm) ・ Organic Earl Gray ・ Carden of Eden ・ Organic Egyptian Chamomile ・ Organic Apricot Escape ・ Tetsukannon Tea / Oolong Tea ・ Chocolate Monkey / Louis Bostee Coast Mint ・ Organic French Lemon Ginger ・ Organic Raspberry Nector ・ Happy Happy ・ Coffee ・ Cafe Ole ・ Cafe Latte (Hot / Ice) ・ Ice Tea (Lemon / Milk)

■Price:7,337 yen(per person including tax & service charge)

Peak Lounge / Park Hyatt Tokyo

【サマーアフタヌーンティー(SUMMER AFTERNOON TEA)】
In addition to the traditional English afternoon set, you can enjoy as much chef’s specialty petit desserts and finger foods as you like. More than 20 kinds of drinks such as black tea, coffee, and Japanese tea can be changed and refilled freely.

■Menu Example:

[Savory] Sandwich Smoked Salmon and Potato, Confi Pondequejo Sandwich, Fig and Mascarpone, Honey and Black Pepper Whole Wheat Open Sandwich, Grilled Chicken and Dill Sour Cream, Red Onion Pickled Tortilla Roll

[Scones] Seasonal scones, Citrus scones and butter scones, Clotted cream and mixed berry jam

[Sweets] Mango Mousse, Tropical Jam, Almond Sable, Muscat Fromage Blanc, Waffle Cup, Raspberry and Fig Tart

■Petit sweets and finger food are served on the table.

■Drinks There are more than 20 kinds of drinks such as black tea, coffee, and Japanese tea, and you can enjoy them freely with different kinds.

■Price:7,590 yen(per person including tax & service charge)

Oriental Lounge / Mandarin Oriental Tokyo

【サマーアフタヌーンティー(SUMMER AFTERNOON TEA)】

Introducing Summer Afternoon Tea, supervised by executive pastry chef Stephen Tranche. Drinks can be enjoyed with a cup service from about 20 kinds of drink menus.

■From 2022 June 28 to August 31

■Menu Example:*depending on the season.

[Savory] – Margarita pizza-style tartlet – Melon and prosciutto salad – Chicken spring rolls – Cucumber and yogurt jelly – Crab and corn cream jelly

[Scones] Lemon Scones – Gouda & Grana Padano Cheese Scones – Mango and Passion Fruit Jam – Blueberry Jam

[Petit Sweet] Mango Pudding and Coconut Cranble – Finance Blueberry Jam and Timut Pepper – Banana and Pecan Nut Tartlet Chocolate Cream – Peach Mousse – Honey Jelly Milk and Honey Sherbet

■Drinks You can enjoy about 20 kinds of drinks in free flow for 90 minutes * Seats are available for 2 hours. Mandarin Oriental Blend Exotic Orchard, Orange Chocolate, Earl Gray, Assam, Ceylon, Vanilla, White Sangria, Fig & Basil, Apple Pie (Non-Caffeine) In), Herb Blend (Non-Caffeine), Juteme Pure (Non-Caffeine) Juteme Misty (Non-Caffeine), Chamomile (Non-Caffeine), Royal Milk Tea, Seasonal Royal Milk Tea, Mandarin Oriental Blend Coffee, Caffelatte, Espresso, Caffeine-less Coffee, Seasonal Fresh tea

■Price:7,300 yen(per person including tax & service charge)

Atrium Lounge / ANA Intercontinental Hotel Tokyo

【抹茶・アフタヌーンティー (Macha Afternoon Tea)】
Afternoon tea that uses the fragrant matcha from the long-established tea shop “Tsuji Riichi Honten” in Uji, Kyoto, to enjoy the beautiful and elegant matcha sweets. We will prepare 12 kinds of matcha sweets and 4 kinds of savory with 25 kinds of drinks.

■Menu Example:

[Petit Gateau (12 types)] Matcha mousse 3%, Wasanbon matcha mousse 5%, Kibi sugar matcha mousse 8%, brown sugar matcha jelly and lemon tart matcha cookie, matcha and cinnamon ganash, matcha rare cheese cake, matcha pound cake, matcha baked donuts , Matcha and Yuzu mousse, Matcha remington, Matcha scone

[Savory (4 types)] Filet-O-Fish Burger, matcha basil sauce, pate de campagne and chicken liver mousse, black beans, matcha bread powder matcha flavored sandwich, smoked salmon and potato salad, small shrimp and green peas mousse, matcha flavored Japanese soup julet

■Drinks A total of 25 types of drinks such as tea, coffee, herbal tea, and flavored tea are free drinks.

■Price:6,000 yen →(off price) 5,200 yen Click below☆(per person including tax & service charge)